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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Shit! Game 4 to the Caps!

This is the problem when you have to watch at a sports bar - no laptop with you. Absolutely no way to describe how many different thoughts I've had about the Capitals since 7 p.m.

Next season, you will get my real-time stream of consciousness.....until then......just know this:

I'm spent.  Good Lord am I spent after watching that game!

I was ready to write a scathing article about the lack of character the team had when it was 3-0 Rangers.  And I'm still kind of pissed off that the team hasn't learned to play a full 60 minutes. 

Of course, you know what happened in the 3rd period and the 2nd OT.  

Holy Shit indeed!

Give credit where it is due.  The Caps came back in spectacular fashion tonight. And like many, I'll take this uneven performance and 3-1 series lead over a hard-fought loss and a 2-2 series.

I have to go to bed so I can't fact check, but I'm pretty sure this is the franchise's first-ever multiple OT playoff game win.  Crazy, huh?

(UPDATE: Big thanks/stick tap to the Peerless Prognosticator for confirming that it is the Capitals 3rd ever multiple OT playoff win. 1985 vs. NYI and 1998 vs. Boston. For some reason I didn't remember Bellows' goal being in the 2nd OT, but it most certainly was. Good omen? Hopefully!)

Like I've mentioned before, I'll take the emotional abuse the Caps give us in tight games over the easy way out and early exits.

But, emotional abuse it is.  The Caps are like a manipulative girlfriend.  They treat you like garbage in critical times.  And every time you are ready to leave, they do just enough to get you to stay.

So I stay.  I take this 3-1 series lead and a big sigh of relief into the next day.  And I get ready for the next round of emotional trauma the Caps will inflict on us this Saturday.

Because as well all know, this series is not over yet.     

God willing though, the Caps will just kick the shit out of the Rangers in Game 5 and close out the series on Saturday.  

Time to chug another bottle of Mylanta and go to bed.  Enjoy the win.  Someone buy Jason Chimera -- and any other Capitals player you see fit -- a beer.  

See you for Game 5!

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