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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Joy in Capsville

Well, sometimes death comes in an annoying manner and it sets you off into a depression.  That's what happened last year with Montreal.  I couldn't even explain that 1st round exit.

But after watching Game 3 vs. Tampa tonight - I am at peace with the end of the season.  You add it up and this is Tampa's series.

Tampa has enough defense and goaltending to keep the Caps at bay.  They have a lot of talent on offense.  And whatever questions are left, the Caps shoot themselves in the foot to remove any doubt.

The Caps led 3 to 2 after the 2nd period.  And all they needed to do was play 20 more minutes of hockey to get back in the series.

They obviously did not want to do that.  No ref issues.  No dirty play from Tampa. No nothing.  Just the Caps laying an egg when they needed to play hockey the most.

The sad thing is, I have to go back on my last post.  I think Bruce Boudreau is done.  He is a regular season genius.

But, if there is a guy who didn't get it done in his 4 playoffs with the Caps - he is it. Too much talent to just make the 2nd round twice.

The Caps continue to piss on their window of opportunity.  They will soon face issues with losing free agents and determining if there are any "young guns" that need to be traded.

What is that magic system that will get the Caps to the promised land?  It seems as hard to find as that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So, yes, tomorrow I will wake up and hope for a miracle.  I will watch Game 4 and root for the Caps.  That's just what I do.

And there is still that 2% chance that this post will become a quasi-collector's item.  After we go on to win the Cup, we will just laugh at how we felt when the Caps were down 3 to 0 to Tampa.

Like any Texas Hold'em degenerate clinging to one out to the river - there is always hope.  You're not dead until you are drawing dead.

But really, the straight flush never hits.  It certainly won't hit the Capitals.  Not Wednesday night.  Not this series.

One more hockey game before some very tough questions hit this franchise.  This promises to be a very depressing off-season for the Caps.

The media is getting behind the Caps.  The fans are getting behind the Caps.  The league is getting behind the Caps.

They just aren't getting it done.

It's not Mike Wilbon's fault. It's not Tony Kornheiser's fault. It's not ESPN's fault. It's not Scott Burnside's fault. Or Mike Milbury's fault. It's not Sidney Crosby's fault. It's not Canada's fault. It's not the Southeast Division's fault.

It's the team's fault.

At least I'll be clean-shaven and have a fresh haircut to deal with whatever fallout comes after Game 4.

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