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Friday, May 6, 2011

Season Wrap-Up

So it is.  My first few months of blogging have come to an end.  I'm glad I did this - as starting a blog has helped me keep in better touch with the team from far away. It has also satisfied some of my journalism cravings.

The highlight of this experience has clearly been my two interviews (Mike Fornes and Charlie Skjodt/Brad Lutsch). Absolutely great to pretend for a few hours at a time that I am a member of the media.

I probably won't add any posts during the summer - as whatever awards/draft/free agency/development camp news there is can be handled by others.

Further, from a personal standpoint, I will be moving and also planning to start a new job.  So it is a time of transition for the Caps Degenerate.

But, next season I will hopefully be able to blog more frequently and in a more detailed fashion.  By fall, the transition period will have ended and I will likely be able to focus on this blog consistently.

Thank you very much for reading.  May we, one day, find out what it feels like to see the Caps win the Stanley Cup.

Oh, and if you happen to have any suggestions for what to include in this blog next season - please email me.

Capsdegenerate at gmail dot com


  1. I have a suggestion.... why don't you start covering the Blues next season? Enough with the Caps! How many more Lebrondowns can you suffer through?

  2. Just saw this. Yeah, if I have a 2nd-favorite team it is the Blues. Of course, they are a distant 2nd to the Caps - but I like 'em.

    You just become numb to the early playoff exits. In too deep to give up at this point......