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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MoneyCaps: The (Almost) Halfway Point

With my apologies to Tomas Kundratek, who did not get called up in time for my super-special analysis, I present to you some ad-hoc number crunching.

In my attempt to become more data savvy, I thought I would get in some practice. As is the case with the book Moneyball, I thought it would be fun to link Caps' player salaries with their performance.

Hopefully there is a conversation to be had here (part fun, part serious).  For this initial round, I merely took players' point totals and projected them out to 82 games.  From there, I divided that number into their cap hit.

Obviously, this assumes they will be able to play somewhere in the ballpark of 82 games.  One might cough and vomit when looking at Mike Green's generous point projections.  You are free to do so.  But, some common denominator was needed. And, in all seriousness, it does show his value -- or lack thereof -- when healthy (even if he never is and has no prayer of cracking 20 games this season!).

This data sticks to a player's offensive value.  We'll get into other metrics later. Stats are from hockeydb.  Cap info is from Capgeek.  It is current as of January 10th, 2012.

Keep in mind, the higher the $ amount in the righthand column, the more expensive it is to the Caps to get a point from that player. As such, the lower the offensive value for that player.

I'll give you a hint:  I don't like that Alex Ovechkin is the first name to pop up.......

*You can click on any chart to enlarge it*

                                 Caps Forwards (10 games or more)

                                     Defensemen (10 games or more)

                     Forwards and Defensemen Combined (10 games or more)


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