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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Caps vs. Flyers DVR Snapshots

What a wild game.  The Caps played well.  They played like crap.  They found a way to win.  Pretty impressed that DC got 3 shootout goals and they were all very dirty (Hendo, Backie, and Seminator).

Before I get to the DVR pics - here is my rant.  A while back, some stupid POS soccer or hockey announcer started blabbing about how a 2 goal lead was never safe.

That was really frickin' annoying.

Now, all the douchey Versus people won't shut the horse up about 3 goal leads never being safe.  It was old by the end of the Wings/Penguins game on Monday night.

So, what do my Caps do?  Do they help out the Caps Degenerate?  No!   They proceed to blow their own 3 goal lead to bring up the subject again.  Thanks, guys.

Really.  Why don't you just spear me in the nuts?

At least the Caps found a way to win.

But enough with this "3 goal leads aren't safe" shit.  I don't care if they aren't.  Stop saying it, Versus!

This Bobrovsky screw-up brought to you by Geico 
Backstrom makes it 1-0 DC

That's over the line, bitches!  Knuble makes it 2-0

Thought Kimmo Timonen tripped Semin here
Wideman scored shortly after (3-0), but no extra PP

Give credit where it is due, sick pass from Andreas Nodl
This is the wide-open net Claude Giroux had
Caps 3, Flyers 2

Schultz's garbage clear tipped by Claude Giroux
Nodl from Giroux and Schultz, 3-3

Andrej Meszaraos with a square hit on Jason Chimera

Claude Giroux goes flying after his collision with Alexander Semin
I didn't know people could bend that way!

Danny Briere behind everyone, redirects it home
Flyers 4, Caps 3

Did our boy John Carlson get away with a cross-check
at the end of regulation?

Alexander Semin avoids Brian Boucher's poke check attempt in the SO.

Semin dents the twine.  Game. Set. Match. 
Ugly-ass win.  But a win nonetheless...

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