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Monday, March 21, 2011

Flyers and Caps Brawl in the Early 90's

The video quality (and the Flyers behavior?) makes it look like it is from the 70's or something, but it is actually from 1991.  Gosh I feel old.  I was 11 when this happened.  

Just goes to show you that the Caps and Flyers have some "history".  There was even another brawl back in 1980, among other flare-ups, but one brawl at a time!

With some some help from and here are some nuggets.  I got the records from Wikipedia which I'll trust in this context :

1) The game was played on Sunday, February 10, 1991

2) There were 302 penalty minutes in this game 

(Record for PIM in one game, both teams is 419 (Sens vs. Flyers 3/5/2004))

3) Dale Kushner of Philadelphia led the game with 50 penalty minutes

(Record for PIM in one game, one person is Randy Holt with 67 on 3/11/1979))

--- As an aside, the Flyers were involved in Randy Holt's record, but they were his opponent, as Holt was a member of the LA Kings when he set this record.  The Flyers must be very jealous of him ---

4) The Flyers also had the second-most penalized player of the game 

(Craig Berube, 27 minutes)

(Berube would be a member of the Caps team that made the SCF in 1998)

5) Three Capitals (Al Iafrate, John Kordic, and CSN's Alan May) led the team with 22 penalty minutes each.

6) Not to be forgotten, current radio commentator Ken Sabourin and Rogers Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos each had a "respectable" 17 penalty minutes for the Caps.

7) This is one of 7 games that John Kordic played for the Caps (may he RIP)

8) In the irony of all ironies, Flyers tough-goalie Ron Hextall did not participate in the goalie "fight".  He started the game, but had already been yanked and was sitting on the bench when this fracas occurred.

9) That is Flyers backup Pete Peeters (former Cap - even as of that game) taking on Caps goalie Don Beaupre in the goalie "fight".  They received 12 and 14 penalty minutes respectively.

10) This was the first year in the booth for Craig Laughlin.  It was also the first year post-Mike Fornes.  That is Jeff Rimer doing play-by-play.  He is now the pbp-man for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

11) Terry Murray, the Caps coach at the time, is now the head coach of the LA Kings

12) Paul Holmgren, the Flyers coach at the time, is now their GM

13) That is referee Don Koharski (as in "have another donut") taking notes during the fight

14) In case you were wondering, the Caps won this game 5 to 2
Scoresheet: Flyers @ Caps February, 10 1991

15) The next time these two teams played was on March 16th. The Caps won 6 to 0
(There were ONLY 170 penalty minutes in the 3/16 game)
Scoresheet for this game!

16) On March 28th, the Caps won 3-0 to close out the season series
(This game only had 24 penalty minutes.  Not even worth watching)
Scoresheet for this game as well!

17) The Caps were eliminated in the 2nd round of the playoffs by eventual cup-winner Pittsburgh
(God I hated typing that)

18) The Flyers did not make the playoffs this season

Anything to add?  I think I was playing at a friend's house that day and heard parts of it on the radio.  I know, I know.  Not a true fan.  But remember, no HTS at the house back then.

Were you there?

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