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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jonathan Quick's Save: Still Shot Edition!

Puck Daddy has a column on the Jonathan Quick save in reference (link). Basically, the save was made on Monday night during the 1st period of the Calgary Flames/LA Kings game.

Yes, if you watch the video in slow motion (link), the puck certainly took a hard turn away from the goal after it had cleared contact with Jonathan Quick.

"[the save] seems to have defied the laws of physics and the logic of hockey" 
- says Puck Daddy.

I'm not a physicist.  I imagine there is some explanation for the late turn (spin, nature of contact with Quick, etc.).  

I think we all can agree God has more important things to do than prevent the Calgary Flames from getting the opening goal of a hockey game. 

Maybe people in Alberta disagree? 

(For you religious people, you'll be happy to know that God did succeed in keeping the Flames from scoring the first goal and winning the game.  Though Calgary did get a point for the SO loss.)

Anyway, the next question becomes:  

What part of Jonathan Quick's body/equipment did the puck hit?

Well, like many, I don't have the definitive answer.  But I do have a still shot:

Can you tell that what I'm pointing to is the puck?

Does my yellow circle help?  This is the same picture as above:

Go back to the video, make your own still shots.  Draw your own conclusions. This is around the 6 second mark of the video.

But, if someone held a gun to my head and made me pick where the puck hit Jonathan Quick, I'd say it glanced off the handle of his goalie stick.

Now, depth perception comes into play here.  Maybe the puck is not making direct contact with the handle of his stick on this still shot.  

It is possible the puck had already glanced off his blocker pad or a baggy part of his jersey (arm area).  So, I don't have a definitive answer - as I said earlier.

But I do have a general position on where the puck hit Jonathan Quick/his equipment and my position is this:

Point of Contact:

1)  Handle of Stick (Most Likely)

2)  Blocker Pad (Possibility)

3)  Baggy Part of Jersey (Least Likely)

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