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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun with Playoff Injuries

You know, us Caps fans have no idea what is plaguing Ovi right now.  And it took some digging for Ms. Carrera of the Post to write that Jason Arnott is supposedly out with a groin injury (link).

Up in NYC, the ever pugnacious John Tortorella merely said that Marc Staal is out with a "body injury" (link).


If hockey teams are going to be vague about injuries, why not have some fun with this?  I believe this is a tremendous marketing opportunity that can show the NHL has a sense of humor.

Upper body?  Lower body?  Body?  Screw it.  Why not make up random stories?

"He's hiking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.  He'll be back in a week or two"

"He just felt like he needed to take his wife out to dinner tonight"

"He was suddenly inspired to paint"

"He took a look at traffic and didn't feel like driving to the arena"

"His fraternity brothers are in town and there are $2 Bud Lights at a local bar"

"He's out to sea for a few months...trying to sail around the world"

I think these would be much more fun to read in the paper than "upper body injury".

You can give the team that is voted "best storyteller" the 1st round pick of the team voted worst storyteller as an incentive.

Come on, what does the NHL have to lose?

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