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Friday, March 18, 2011

Stecks Part 1: Crosby Skating Into His Path

As we all know, Friday night will be the first time David Steckel takes to the ice as an opponent of the Washington Capitals. Not exactly Wayne Gretzky's first game against the Oilers, but I always liked Stecks.

Known for his faceoff prowess, the man was a valued member of the organization. Yes, the trade for Arnott was a good one.  But, that doesn't mean we can't discuss some major moments in Stecks' Caps tenure one more time.

I know by now when you think of the "hit" on Sidney Crosby that took place during the Winter Classic you simultaneously visualize people beating dead horses.

I try not to write about beaten-to-death subjects, but the fact that this "hit" is still in the NHL news cycle makes me want to go off on a profanity-laced tirade about how whiny Crosby and the Penguins are and how stupid the Canadian media can be.

If you look at the video, Crosby was looking up-ice and not paying attention to the direction that he was drifting.  He drifted right into Steckel's path.  Done.  Case closed.  End of discussion.

I don't wish Crosby ill.  And it pains me to admit that him being out of the lineup for an extended period of time is indeed bad for the NHL.  (I mean, who else is going to teach little Canadian boys to grow up to be d-bags.  I keed.  I keed. :)).

But, calling this play a "hit", suggesting Steckel did this on purpose, or using this as evidence that the NHL needs to eliminate head-shots is just frickin' stupid.

Having the audacity to make David Steckel "answer the bell", repeatedly take questions from the media, or apologize for this non-hit is plain tiresome, idiotic, and just an insult to him.

So, please eliminate headshots from the game.  Re-write the rulebook as much as you want.  Talk about it in the media forever and ever.

Just do me some favors in those media stories:  1) please don't refer to Crosby skating into Steckel's path as a "hit" and 2) don't show a picture of Sidney Crosby lying on the ice in that story.

If the video clip is still burning a hole in your hard drive, maybe you can use the clip in an educational video to pre-schoolers titled "LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING, STUPID!!!!!"

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