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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Second Interview is Coming!

The problem with being a part-time blogger is that you have other stuff going on in your life. I was unable to watch the Carolina game and am still processing what the SO loss means. Hopefully nothing.

Further, when you are not in DC it is tougher to get TV access to every game. Thankfully, the Blue Jackets game is on Versus tonight and I'll be watching.

I conducted my second interview yesterday and am in the process of verifying a few things before publishing the post.

In the meantime, tonight's game reminds me (and many people) of what RJ Umberger said about the Caps last year (link).

Well, you know the rest. The Caps lost in the first round. They changed their system up. RJ broke his arm patting himself on the back.

We get ready for the Jackets/Caps game by celebrating this moment in RJ Umberger history:

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