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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 5 Non-Hunter Caps Playoff Goals (Video)

This post exists mainly to practice embedding video into my blog.  But why not make practice fun, right?

We all struggle with confidence issues.  A few people have way too much confidence.  Most of us could use a little more.  Rather than be self-deprecating or wish we were different, it is important to recognize the good that each of us have.

And, thus, why I have no problem celebrating these goals.  I get it.  Nowhere in this post will you see a Caps player lift the Stanley Cup.

(You do see Huntsy hold up the Prince of Wales Trophy, even though he's not supposed to do so.  But, whatever.  He had his own way about him and we love him for that.)

Before I feel like us Caps fans can be "emotionally ready" to win a Stanley Cup, we have to appreciate what the team has done thus far.

Like it or not, this is our team.  This is our history.  And if you take out the minor detail that none of these goals led to a Stanley Cup, they are pretty fun to watch.

These goals give me chills to this day.

Would you put a different goal in the Top 5?  Where were you when these goals were scored? Let me hear how Caps history intertwines with your life........

Joe Juneau in the 1998 ECF

       John Druce Wins the 1990 2nd Round

             Langway's Goal in the Past Game

      David Steckel's 2009 OT Winner vs. PIT

     Fedorov's Winner vs. NYR in Round 1

        And Here is Hunter's Magical Goal.....

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