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Monday, March 21, 2011

Degenerate Self-Promotion: Matt Cooke

In a "hell hath frozen over" moment, the Caps Degenerate agrees with what Colin Campbell did re: Matt Cooke. And in a "world is coming to an end" moment, I called it!

Was I the only person on the face of the planet to suggest that the suspension had to go into the playoffs?  No. But most people I saw were predicting 8 to 10 games. And I honestly don't think that would have been enough.

Other than the creative punishment of making Matt Cooke face the Atlanta Thrashers and Evander Kane (a guy who kicked his ass in a fight), this is the only way to go.  Otherwise, you merely would have been resting "Cookie" in advance of the 2nd season.  And that doesn't do anybody any good.

The Caps Degenerate wonders if there is something troubling Matt Cooke.  I mean, the guy was already on the NHL's radar.  And cheap head-shots are issue #1 right now.  What makes a guy fighting for his reputation go ahead and do the one thing that will confirm he is a dirty player?  Depression?  Insecurity?

Just a thought (I don't claim to be a trained psychologist - fyi).

Here's hoping for everybody's sake, that he cuts this garbage out finally.  Mental issues are nothing to laugh at.  And if it's a rebellion act - then it's officially played out.  Hopefully it's not because he's "that stupid".

While it is fun to associate his lack of integrity with the city of Pittsburgh - it is in everybody's interest for him to cease being a d-bag immediately.  Here's to a more mature, clean Matt Cooke!

****And please check back with me.  I am in the process of lining up my first round of Degenerate Interviews.  As long as they don't fall through, they will be worth the read.  Stay tuned! *****

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